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Child Protection

Code of Behaviour


Skerries Community College “Healthy Schools Policy”

1. We the School community, believe that, students, by being physically active, helps to promote physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

2. We believe that young people who are physically active are more likely to continue the habit into adult life.

3. We believe that young people who are active and enjoy PE and sport are more likely  to achieve academically.

4. We aim to improve the participation levels within in sport the college by the students.

5. We believe in taking a whole school approach to increasing levels of physical activity.


6. We believe that by offering a wide range of sports to students, this has encouraged the take-up of sports in our school.


7. We believe that sport matters in Skerries Community College to our students, because it improves behaviour, interactions with other people and personal growth.


8. We actively promote the various sports on offer both through our school website, on open nights, and over the intercom.

9. Our Policy will be reviewed regularly.